Ben Nerdeyim?

Ben Nerdeyim?

“22-28 Haziran 2020 tarihlerinde gerçekleştireceğimiz 28. İstanbul LGBTİ+ Onur Haftası’nın temasını açıklıyoruz: ”ben neredeyim”.

2020 yılı kimimizin birbiriyle mesafesinin arttığı, kimimizin de kendisiyle mesafesinin azaldığı bir yıl oldu, oluyor. Ve bizler, türlü türlü krize ve damgalanmaya alışkın lubunyalar olarak tam gaz bir araya geliyor, örgütleniyor, şarkı söylüyor, sexting yapıyor, gullüm alıkıyor, varlığımızı ve bir aradalığımızı kutluyor ve diyoruz ki: “BEN NEREDEYİM”.

Yönelimler, kimlikler, performanslar ve oluşlar nehrinde yıkanarak temaşa eden ya da nehre hiç girmeyip güneşlenen lubunyalar olarak diyoruz ki, bu nehirde, bu şehirde “ben neredeyim”. Salgında hayatlarını heteroseksizmle çevrili atanmış aile evlerine sığdıramayanlar, güvencesiz ve sömürüye dayalı işlerde çalıştırılan, salgında işinden olan, beldesiz kalan gacılar; özgürlükleri derdest edilmiş, virüse serbest, insana yasak sınırlarda daha güvenli bir hayat özlemindeki LGBTİ+’lar olarak soruyoruz: “ben neredeyim”.

Rujları sürdük, ojeler tamam; straponlar belde, bıyıklar yaman; kimimiz kıllı kimimiz parlak, kimimiz nonoş kimimiz godoş… Maskeler çeşitli…

Her gün gibi bugünlerde de… gökte gördük köprüyü, rengi yedi türlüyü!”

Support Queer Nightlife Workers

Support Queer Nightlife Workers

Support Queer Nightlife Workers

Istanbul’s nightlife has become a place where many LGBTI+ can exist, socialize and dance together, especially in recent years, which has turned into working space for many queer people. This fund exists to provide emergency financial aid to at-risk nightlife workers in İstanbul — those whose livelihoods have been severely impacted by COVID-19, and especially those who do not have access to other support systems.

Queer nightlife workers (djs, performers, service-bar staff) lost their daily income sources as all bars and clubs shot down due Covid-19 outbreak quarantine. They do not have any employment protections and have current maintenance needs. Right now they need our support as they face months of uncertainty and they are not covered by any advance payment by an employer.

You can strengthen the solidarity by supporting our friends with your donation or sharing this to help us reach more people.

The total amount raised will be equally divided among the people who are in need and the funds will be deposited directly to their respective accounts. In order to conduct a transparent process, you can follow all the updates we share on our campaign page.

Why is it important to donate?

Although LGBTİ+ movement has a strong history in Turkey and have done incredible works for transforming hetero-normative culture in the country, LGBTI+s still face different forms of violence, discrimination, and persecution. Recent socio-political changes (failed coup attempt in 2016, the state of emergency rule between 2016-2018, and Turkey’s invasion of Syria lately) have direct and indirect effects on the lives of us. Although queers claimed the streets of Istanbul, and LGBTI+ movement gained public visibility during the Gezi uprising in 2013; LGBTI+ events as well as pride march banned by the state authorities later since 2014. Under those conservative anti-gender politics that are targeting the everyday lives LGBTI+s, we insist on finding alternative ways of coming together and taking care of each other.

Given this unprecedented situation, we urgently call on those passionate about nightlife with steady incomes or who are financially secure to join us in supporting those in need. In doing so, we share our support systems, inviting others under our umbrella of security as we all brace ourselves for this storm.

Who will benefit from the campaign?

Many people in İstanbul’s nightlife and dance music communities already live in extreme precarity. The most vulnerable people, whose vibrancy, labour and creativity make up queer İstanbul nightlife, may never be able to access government aid. For them, it is already a struggle to pay rent, keep up with insurance payments, and cover basic expenses. With the widespread cancellation of nightlife events, closure of venues, and the general economic fallout of social distancing, a many of our friends are in danger of slipping further into poverty. With this campaign, we aimed to charge the most basic needs of our 10 friends (djs, performers, service-bar staff) who need urgent support to survive the lockdown period.

Who We Are

Since 2014, queerwaves organized more than 30 events (parties, boat tours, theatres, brunches, panels, and workshops), in different neighborhoods of Istanbul and other cities in Turkey as well. Bringing a queer touch to Istanbul’s nightlife and electronic music scene, the group’s priority is to provide alternative entertainment and solidarity spaces for queer folks in İstanbul. We organize parties aiming to support our queer community.

In response to the need, we have come together to help queer nightlife workers who are badly hit by the CoVid-19 situation. Whatever little amount you can donate for them will generate a sum that can help them during this crisis.

Click here to support.