Kanka Manifesto

We, the Kanka Productions, are a collective beyond borders that produce works of transfeminist politics in visual and performing arts. We are those who break the mould and leave tautologies behind, and those who return to our inner selves, to our authenticity.

We have endured multiple facets of discrimination while working within the arts sector, such experiences have exposed the fact that self-defence is the only option for us to survive, to stay alive. Our stance is to chaise possibilities and transformations through the power of image, sound and silence.

We do not aim to seize the existing institutions, but rather, we aim to expand and progress art, as a whole, through our own freedom and free labour. (Surely, we can ‘occupy’ as a pastime activity)

Kanka is not a project of identity politics, rather it is a solidarity network for survival!  

Our aims

To produce self-representation in art!

To establish our own solidarity networks against the unequal distribution of funds and resources, and to maintain their sustainability!

To place our own experiences and expertise at the centre in order to overthrow the patriarchal hegemony within the art and film industry!

To generate growth with uniting our self-transformations with art’s transformative power!

If so, then how?

To repeat, by drawing from our own experience and expertise!

By reflecting on our art and its methods, and revising through the double mechanism of critique and self-critique

By conducting long-lasting projects that are constructed upon experience sharing. 

By actively practicing nonviolent communication to solve disputes which may arise whilst working together.

By prioritising personal, essential needs, either in or out of working hours.

By respecting differences and accepting divergence in the face of deadlock.

By nurturing continuity and multiplicity through solidarity.

With relying upon the power and faith of our chosen families, our expertise varies from organising wedding and henna nights, keeping company after surgical operations, vandalising gravestones to high quality film, documentary and sound productions. Güllüm (Turkish-queer for kiki) is remedy to our troubles and source of our motivation. 

We are no longer playing the victim of death scenarios that are written and produced by the other but rather, we are those who hold the camera, who clap the clapperboard, who perform in theatres, who play instruments, who sing, who dance, who carry the boom… We don’t chase after caricature stereotypes that are assigned to us. We rather go after the capes of superhero/ines.

We, the Kankas, reach out to one another from different parts of the world and we are empowered together. Beyond borders, we assemble our experiences from unchosen geographies. We believe our chosen family will prevail against the conditions set by unchosen geographies.  

*Kanka productions hold the right to make changes to this manifesto.